Eight Minutes of ‘The X Factor’

09.12.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Here’s the eight-minute preview of “The X Factor” that I think ran on Fox yesterday. Basically, it’s “American Idol” with tiny tweaks so that Simon Cowell can make more money than he did as an “Idol” judge. And frankly, I don’t think Nicole Scherzinger is a good replacement for Cheryl Cole, but then I wasn’t going to be watching this show anyway, so the point is moot. My feelings on the Cheryl/Nicole thing, however, were calmed by the rich prose and razor-sharp punctuation of YouTube commenter goPrisonbreakgo:

Cheryl has been my idol since i was 8 years old and im fifteen now. the press is making a big deal out of nothing. of course chez is upset because she departed the way she did, but she knows that its about the contestants. she was a popstar before the x factor and she’ll be fine after it. Nicole is an amazing judge and she will definitely bring out the best of her contestants in the live shows. I loved her because of her warm personality and her amazing songs and she will always be my idol

Well put. I was going to join the discussion in the YouTube comments, but I thought “BEWBS!!!! ( . ) ( . )” might be too highbrow.

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