This Is Either A Puerto Rican Black Friday Stampede Or A Deleted Scene From ‘World War Z’

11.29.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

black friday puerto rico stampede

Say you live in Puerto Rico, where you’ve only got so many Walmarts per capita. Now say that your local Walmart has a TV you didn’t want on Wednesday for $80 cheaper than usual. If you’re like any other decent human being in the country, your mission is to jump the security railing and stampede into the building in an attempt to stomp-kill everyone around you.

Watch in amazement as real-live people recreated World War Z and leave a poor security guard standing there helpless, contemplating the life decisions that led to him witnessing the Katamari ball that is Black Friday shoppers.

Good lord, look at that YouTube description:

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We’re just expecting the best, aren’t we?

If you’re wondering how incidents like this might effect Puerto Rico’s chances for U.S. statehood, let’s check in on a stateside Walmart and see how things are going:

Yeah, they’ll be just fine.

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