So That Whole Thanksgiving Plane Confrontation That Took The Internet By Storm? It’s Officially Fake.

As was already noted, the entire Elan Gale/Diane Thanksgiving plane war was nothing but a big old fabrication. We were all fooled by a producer from “The Bachelor” and now we have to live with that.

We also have to live with all of the fake outrage, fake white knighting and the pleas for sanity we all were asking for at the time.

The final say comes from the source himself as Elan Gale took to his Twitter account and put the rumors to bed once and for all by sharing a photograph of Diane with the public.

We got Eastwooded y’all and it tastes both sweet and sour. I haven’t seen a turn of events like this since the balloon boy or Vince McMahon being revealed as the higher power.

The Internet response has been varied to say the least, but expected. My favorite is this one from Eli Braden.

Well played, all involved. I was fooled and entertained, something that was certainly needed following Thanksgiving. Now let’s forget this ever happened until the next time it happens.

(Images via Elan Gale / Eli Braden)