A New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Clip Shows Eleven Escaping The Upside Down

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Eleven will not spend all of Stranger Things season two stuck in the Upside Down. I’m sorry if that’s a considered a spoiler, but a) that would be a very boring season of television (“What do you want to do today, Demogorgon?” “I dunno, Eleven, what do you want to do?”), and b) the recently-released clips show her breaking into her Aunt Becky’s home. In fact, Eleven escaping the Upside Down, where she was sent following a showdown in the season one finale, is so obvious that Netflix released a clip showing her leaving.

In the video, which Millie Bobby Brown introduced ahead of London’s MCM Comic Con, Eleven returns to Hawkins Middle School through a web of goo, which is how I imagine spiders are born (please do not correct me on this). From there, instead of returning to her friends, she presumably makes a beeline for the frozen waffles that Chief Hopper has been leaving for her.

“She’s obviously grieving from being away from Mike,” Brown said about the new season. “It’s a big climax this season for Eleven and you’ll earn a lot more about her, and it’s gonna be very exciting, very unpredictable. You don’t really find out what you want to find out, but then when you find out, you like it.”

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for season two on October 27.

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