Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Be Headed To CNN To Host A Morning Show

03.21.13 13 Comments

The other week we brought you the hard-hitting breaking news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was either fired or not fired from her co-hosting gig on The View. Despite statements to the contrary from higher-ups at the show, there have been multiple reports since then saying she’s out. This brings up an important question (sort of, if you care about this, which, I mean, maybe you should think about picking up a hobby like stamp collecting or bungee jumping or something): Where will she land? According to Page Six, the answer may be at CNN, as host of a new morning show.

We hear CNN honcho Jeff Zucker is interested in seeing her join his cable channel. A source told us, “They’re definitely interested.” Although The View creator Barbara Walters denied on-air that Hasselback was on her way out, after news reports were leaked saying she’s being axed, Page Six revealed she’s being pushed out of the ABC daytime talk show as ratings sag and research shows her conservative views don’t sit well with some regular viewers. [NY Post]

Ugh. ZUCKER. Of course.

For those of you who don’t remember, Jeff Zucker is the former Today Show wunderkind who got promoted to head of NBC, famously bungled the Leno/Conan thing, and basically drove the whole network off a cliff. Now he’s at CNN, and according this helpful write-up Vanity Fair, he’s looking to put together a “softer,” more Today Show-like morning show. So it makes perfect sense that he’d target someone like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who had a cushy gig doing soft, gabby news on The View, and is apparently being run out of it because viewers hate her like poison. Wait. Hold on. That doesn’t make sense at all.

Classic Zucker.

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