Elisabeth Moss Finally Confirms She’s Starring In ‘Top Of The Lake’ Season 2

Rumors that Elisabeth Moss would return for Top of the Lake‘s second season have abounded for more than six months.While we’ve known since the summer of 2015 that Jane Campion’s moody, surreal, and utterly fantastic New Zealand drama would get a second season, Moss refused to confirm whether she’d be returning as troubled-but-brilliant detective Robin Griffin. Instead, Moss played coy with the press, telling IndieWire, “It’s not something that I can officially confirm, but it’s definitely a work in progress,” and telling me that she had “no comment,” but adding, “I apologize, I hate caginess. I’m not being cagey about the second season of Top of the Lake. I’m just literally unable to say anything. I hate when people are weirdly mysterious about sh*t, so I apologize for being weirdly mysterious.”

Speaking to Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith at the Sundance Film Festival today, Moss finally confirmed that she will, in fact, be returning to Top of the Lake for round two. “I’m gonna do a second season of Top of the Lake. You’re actually the first person that I’ve officially confirmed it with, which is perfect!” said Moss, who’d stopped by to chat with Smith about her Sundance-premiering drama, Jason Lew’s The Free World. “I’d rather tell you first than anybody else.” (Wow, Elisabeth. I thought we had something.)

As for what else we know about Top of the Lake‘s second season so far: It’ll shoot in Sydney and Hong Kong as soon as Moss finishes a film called Mad to be Normal, Campion and her co-writer Gerard Lee are both coming back, and Nicole Kidman will not be in it, in case you were holding out hope. Or maybe she will? Can we trust any celebrity interviews these days?