Eliza Dushku Joins Another Lousy Show

03.24.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

Eliza Dushku — last seen leaving a project called “Bird Dog”has joined the cast of the CBS sitcom based on the life of ESPN’s racist plagiarist blowhard Colin Cowherd, a project that I’ve done my best to ignore up to this point.

Damon Wayans will star in the as-yet untitled sitcom, and I’m no expert on racial intricacies in America, but I’m pretty sure that playing a character who called John Wall everything but the N-word and said that Wall would fail in the NBA because he grew up without a father qualifies Wayans as an Uncle Tom.

Anyway, Dushku will play Cowherd’s/Wayans’s sassy co-worker Casey, and judging by the awful script for the pilot, her main job will be joking about her boobs and engaging in flirtatious repartee with Uncle Tom Cowherd. Ugh. I wish this new show half the success of “Tru Calling” and “Dollhouse.”

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