Elizabeth Olsen Is Playing Coy About A Rumored Major ‘WandaVision’ Cameo On The Way

As WandaVision prepares to go into its back half after pulling back the curtain on some of the show’s mystery in Episode 4, “We Interrupt This Program,” Elizabeth Olsen dropped a hint that a major MCU star could be popping up on the show. According to Olsen, fans have no idea who it is and the reveal is rumored to be on par with Luke Skywalker’s surprise appearance on the season two finale of The Mandalorian. Via TVLine:

When asked if WandaVision has anything similar in store — namely a casting that she can’t believe hasn’t leaked yet — Olsen gave us a quick, “Yes.” And though she dared not offer any specifics, she did share with a laugh that “I’m really excited” for viewers to see what (or who) is coming.

As for which (maybe) MCU star Olsen is talking about, it could be anybody! From the moment WandaVision was announced, Marvel made it a point to emphasize that it would lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so Olsen could be talking about Benedict Cumberbatch, but it seems like Doctor Strange would be a given at this point, and not really a jaw-dropping “Luke” moment. Plus, Cumberbatch will also be mentoring Spider-Man, so it’s pretty much expected that Strange will be bouncing around the MCU.

However, Olsen isn’t the only one who’s teased a surprise actor on WandaVision. Before the show even aired, Paul Bettany revealed to The Independent that the series landed an actor that fans won’t believe. “I get to work with an actor that’s going to be a surprise for everybody,” Bettany said. “I’ve been wanting to work with [this actor] forever who is just unbelievable and we have some real fireworks together.”

Assuming Olsen and Bettany are talking about the same person, the surprise star is an actor that Bettany hasn’t worked with before, but (maybe) has starred in the MCU. So, basically, your guess is as good as ours right now.

(Via TVLine)