Why Did Elizabeth Perkins’ Role In ‘Preacher’ Mysteriously Disappear?

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06.07.16 2 Comments

Through the first two episodes of AMC’s fantastic new series Preacher, showrunner Sam Catlin, along with co-creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, have left us with a lot of open questions, but the question that has nagged at me the most so far is this: What happened to Elizabeth Perkins and Lucas Neff?

Some of you may vaguely recall that the stars of Weeds and Raising Hope, respectively, were in the pilot episode, ever-so briefly. In fact, this is the only shot of them from the pilot:

I first noticed that Lucas Neff was no longer on the show because I’m a huge fan of Neff from his Raising Hope days. He was thrilled to be cast in the pilot, posted about the first table read, and then never mentioned it again. He was set to play J.J. Quincannon in the series, but there is no J.J. Quincannon in the source material. I assumed, initially, that he was going to play the brother of Odin Quincannon (played by Jackie Earle Haley).

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