Elizabeth Warren Confirms That Mitch McConnell Still Refuses To Speak Or Make Eye Contact With Her

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04.19.17 4 Comments

While discussing the future of the Democratic Party with a pizza party-less Jimmy Fallon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked by The Tonight Show host about a report regarding her professional relationship with Sen. Mitch McConnell. Or rather, the total lack of one, as Warren told the Boston Globe last week she’d “spoken to him, but he has not spoken to me.” Have things improved between the two politicians from radically different sides of the partisan divide? Nope.

When Fallon asked if the stories about “Mitch McConnell [not making] eye contact with” her were true, Warren said that they were — while simultaneously trying to downplay them. “Yeah,” she quipped, “maybe he’s just being quiet.” Jokes notwithstanding, Fallon inquired further:

FALLON: If you see him in the hallway, he won’t look at you or talk to you?

WARREN: Oh, come on. You know. I say hi.

FALLON: What does he say back?

WARREN: Nothing.

Fallon tried to turn the serious story into a bit, addressing the camera as if it were McConnell and telling him to “be civil” and “say hi to Elizabeth Warren.” Considering the manner in which the stark contrast between the two had grown starker, however, Fallon’s playful late night plea will likely result in nothing.

In February, McConnell and the Senate’s Republican majority ruled to silence Warren while she tried to read a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King during then-Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing to become Donald Trump’s attorney general. The obscure procedural removal resulted in an outpouring of support for Warren, including from fellow Sen. Bernie Sanders and McConnell’s own constituents in Kentucky.

(Via New York Times and Boston Globe)

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