Ellen DeGeneres Jokingly Pitches TV Series ‘Cat Ninja Warrior’, But We Kinda Wish It Was Real

10.16.14 4 years ago

For centuries now, we’ve witnessed the athletic prowess of the common cat. There’s the kitty who climbs for treats, the feline that never wastes a cold beer, and well, the one that almost won a battle against a plastic bag.

I think it’s high time we just make a whole program centered around the physical feats that cats accomplish on an everyday basis, and it seems Ellen DeGeneres agrees with me. All I can say is look out, American Ninja Warrior, ’cause Cat Ninja Warrior’s got its claws out.

If this thing actually pans out (one can dream, ya know), might I suggest a perfect co-host? Mighty (and historic) American Ninja Warrior contestant, Kacy CATanzaro.


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