Ellen Degeneres Enlisted Simone Biles’ ‘DWTS’ Partner To Hilariously Prank The Gymnast

It’s no hidden secret that Simone Biles has had a pretty solid last 12 months or so, what with all those Olympic gold medals and endorsement deals and all around incredible success as a top athlete. Now, based on her required duties as a world class athlete and her contract as a US Olympian (we assume), Biles is competing in this season of Dancing With The Stars alongside partner Sasha Farber. She’s been doing pretty well, as professional athletes usually do on the dancing reality show, so Biles appeared on Ellen recently to discuss the experience as well as a few other things.

And to get pranked of course.

The gymnast was thoroughly shocked when, near the end of the above clip, Farber pops out of the box behind the two interview chairs and scares the living daylights out of Biles. It shouldn’t be a surprise when Ellen orchestrates a playful prank at this point, especially with a large box so conveniently placed next to the interview area. But Simone was so focused on nailing the interview that she never saw it coming which is pretty understandable. Biles also talked to Ellen about getting her Olympic rings tattoo — a tradition for every athlete who makes it to the big stage. Hopefully any emotional scars from the joke aren’t as permanent as her fresh forearm ink.