‘Ellen’ Will No Longer Welcome Gospel Singer Kim Burrell To The Show After Intense Backlash

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After intense backlash from many of the show’s fans and other concerned parties around the internet (there are always “concerned parties” around the internet) gospel singer and preacher Kim Burrell will no longer be appearing on Ellen this week. Burrell was originally expected to appear on the show for Thursday’s episode, but after video of her delivering a homophobic sermon was discovered online the show came under fire for agreeing to have her on at all.

Ellen herself confirmed the decision on Twitter today.

Burrell’s purpose for visiting the show was to perform “I See A Victory” which she sings with Pharrell Williams on the Hidden Figures soundtrack. While the movie has been receiving rave reviews by many, Burrell’s planned appearance was not — with stars associated with the film like Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer, and Pharrell Williams denouncing the short video posted in December calling homosexuality “an embarrassment” and “perverted.” Burrell has not apologized, but she continued to defend her actions and speech in a now-deleted video.

One has to think that Burrell’s refusal to admit to the homophobic nature of her words or even attempt an apology has a lot to do with Ellen rescinding her invitation. Daytime television loves second chances and redemption arcs just as much as it loves hilarious child comedians and weird talents, but with Kim’s apparent unwillingness to even consider retracting her words and considering her opinions it doesn’t exactly leave Ellen much room to spin things in a positive manner. The petition that was picking up steam probably didn’t help either.

Ellen is an inspiration to many, so this is probably the best decision when it comes to the show’s reputation as a place of inclusiveness and positivity.

(via Entertainment Weekly)