Ellen Yelled At A Baby With A Bullhorn In CVS With First Lady Michelle Obama

After annoying people at a mall with Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres took Michelle Obama on a trip to annoy people at CVS, and ostensibly prepare the first lady for life outside of the White House. It’s been nearly eight years, after all, and it will probably be quite the reality shock for the Obamas to assimilate back in with the “normies.” (Normies followed around by Secret Service agents, but normies nonetheless.)

As such, Ellen showed Mrs. Obama how to use a Coin Star and a debit machine, bought some Halloween candy, learned how to get wine out of a box, and then — for some inexplicable reason — yelled at a baby with a bullhorn.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. She technically sung a lullaby to a baby with a bullhorn, but I feel like any type of voice projected through a bullhorn can be technically classified as “yelling.” And if you’re wondering why Ellen had a bullhorn in CVS, do you really need to ask yourself that question? Why would Ellen not have a bullhorn in CVS?

All in all it was a productive trip, and I think Shelly — I mean Michelle — did walk away with one very important lesson, as she says to Ellen: “You are not a good person… to shop with.”