Ellen Drops The Mic On Mississippi’s Homophobic ‘Religious Freedom Law’

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Ellen DeGeneres spoke out against Mississippi’s awful new “Religious Freedom Law” on her show Wednesday, and she handled her impassioned plea against these types of discriminatory laws with her trademark mix of humor and heart. She explains, as many watching at home may not be aware, that the word “freedom” masks a much more insidious objective to the law, which states that for religious reasons, LGBT people can now be denied marriage, adoption, and foster care services; be fired or refused employment; and declined housing in the state of Mississippi.

The host points out that these aren’t just some political issues, they’re human rights issues, and the fact that this is even a subject up for debate in the year 2016, with all of the strides we’ve made, is absolutely incorrigible. Obviously this issue is very personal to DeGeneres, as a gay woman, who has had to fight discrimination for most of her life. While it may be hard to imagine now, DeGeneres herself has been fired from jobs for being gay.

In an attempt to break down the issue, DeGeneres explains: “Two cupcakes walk into a flower shop and they want to buy a dozen roses, but the florist doesn’t believe in selling cupcakes to roses because they don’t have any money. But gay people do, so sell them the damn flowers.” In closing, she advocates for “less hate and more love, less tearing apart and more coming together, and less sitting and more dancing.”

You preach, lady. Preach and dance.