Ellie Kemper Previews A Lost Horror Movie Featuring Herself At 12 Years Old

Ellie Kemper stopped by Conan Tuesday night, where Conan made the observation that the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star has never played the lead in a horror movie, which is weird because she seems like she’d make for good “prey,” as Andy points out. While Kemper says she’s never had a “cinematic release” of a horror movie, she has technically made one — which she helpfully brought along with her to the show!

“The Man Under the Stairs” was made by Kemper, her friend, and her eight-year-old sister in her childhood home in St. Louis when she was just 12 years old, and — spoiler alert — it’s about a man… under the stairs. Kemper’s acting techniques have clearly come a long way since “The Man Under the Stairs,” as she admits that she was “giving it way too much.” (Although Conan points out that the real horror of the film was children playing around exposed insulation.)

God, Ellie Kemper. Be more adorable, why don’t you.