Who Won Late Night Last Night: Emilia Clarke (Letterman) Or Olivia Wilde (Leno)?

03.13.13 6 years ago 10 Comments

Two of our favorite people whom we have creepy affections for, Emilia Clarke and Olivia Wilde, appeared on different late night shows (Letterman and Leno, semi-respectively) last night to yak about…no idea. They could have discussed curing cancer or finally figuring out who shot William Goebel, but again, no clue. I was too busy distracted by their comforting beauty — and also which of the two I’d rather spend a pleasant afternoon with. Oh, the fun we’d have, picking wild flowers and drinking sweet tea, Olivia and/or Khaleesi and I.

Let me go back and watch the clips now. *Three hours later* God, I hate CBS’ website. Anyway, Wilde talked about feeling the wrath of Bieber fans after sending King Swaggy Bro a helpful put-on-a-f*cking-shirt-you-dip tweet, as well as her private karaoke sessions with Jason Sudeikis, while forever-brunette Clarke chatted with Letterman about “the bathtub scene” and she said “Macarena” in her British accent. So who won late night?

Nick Offerman, obviously.

But here are the runner-ups.

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