Emilia Clarke’s Parents Watched That Fiery ‘Game Of Thrones’ Nude Scene, Too

All anyone could talk about after Sunday’s Game of Thrones was the importance of the phrase “hold the door,” but a week prior it was all about nudity. The blisteringly hot, fiery, death-defying bout of nudity performed by Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. So of course that particular scene came up in conversation when Clarke stopped by The Graham Norton Show on Friday to promote her new film, Me Before You. Sure, she talked about the new movie, but all the talk show host (and practically everyone else on the couch) wanted to know about was that scene. Especially when Clarke confessed that she’d made her parents watch it.

Norton prompted the topic with the fact that, when the first season of Game of Thrones aired in 2011, Clarke’s parents didn’t think she was in the series all that much. “Yes,” she said, “there’s some episodes that maybe they were like, ‘No it was great, but you’re sort of not really much, are you?’ But then I did encourage them to watch the last… not this last episode, but the episode before. Which in hindsight, might have been not the episode to choose.”

“Because there was a lot of you in that episode!” Norton quipped, before turning to Friends star-turned-Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc and adding: “That might be the episode to dip into, Matt!”

Turns out LeBlanc isn’t as caught up with the Game of Thrones fanaticism in much the same way that everyone else on the planet is. Even Clarke’s parents have seen more of the show than he has. By Norton’s suggestion and Clarke’s subsequent giggles, however, it looks like he’ll be giving it a shot sometime soon. Or as he joked with his couch mate, he could “really see how you’re doing.”

Careful, Joey. This is dragon country.