Emma Stone’s Oscars Equality Joke Provided The Most Savage Moment Of The Show


The #TimesUp movement was front and center at this year’s Oscars and with it the related issues of sexual equality and visibility. Also related: Emma Stone might’ve just walked away with the award for most savage burn of the night. Stone, who was on hand to present the night Best Director award, came to slay with her scripted takedown of the Academy’s long-standing tradition of nominating mostly men in the category. Stone, who rocked a satin pantsuit because why the hell not, introduced the nominees by recognizing their brilliance and their gender disparity.

The actress listed the films, leading with this scathing burn: “These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year.”

Giphy/Screen Gems

In other words, Stone threw so much shade even the bright lights at the Dolby Theater couldn’t save the Academy’s testosterone-fueled boner for men who direct movies. Look, we get it, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water was beautiful and unique and Jordan Peele’s Get Out will stand the test of time, but considering it’s been nearly 10 years since a woman won in this category, maybe we can work towards at least nominating one or two more? Equality is sexy after all.

Oh and lest we all forgot, though Stone capably called out the sexism at the Oscars this year, Natalie Portman’s been on this feminist train for a while now.