Emma Watson Relives An Embarrassing ‘Harry Potter’ Memory On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Emma Watson stopped by Kimmel for a little promotional magic for Beauty And The Beast but ended up facing down some embarrassment from the very start of her career with Harry Potter. Kimmel calls this an outtake from the first film, but it seems more like part of the rehearsal. That said, it seems like Watson and Will Smith have something in common when it comes to learning their lines in the early days of their career.

According to Watson, this was apparently an issue on the set and she kept ruining takes by mouthing the lines of her fellow actors. She grew out of it, but she really loved those books and really wanted to do her job well. You can’t blame her for going out of her way to learn everybody’s lines so she can get her own right!

It is odd to see Watson in the outtake, though. That’sback before her naked breast controversies and feminism discussions. We’ve all practically watched this woman grow up and now we’re forcing her to dance with hairy men on the big screen for money. It’s a weird situation that doesn’t seem to apply to many other actresses out there.