Emmy Rossum Wants Equal Pay To Come Back For ‘Shameless’ Season 8

Update: Rossum, who received vocal support from Macy, took to Twitter to indicate the show’s renewal for season 8, signaling a peaceful resolution to the pay dispute.

Shameless has been a cornerstone of Showtime’s line up for seven seasons now, and Emmy Rossum‘s performance as the oldest Gallagher sibling, Fiona, has been nothing short of a revelation. Playing a deeply flawed heroine that is trying to pull herself and her family out of poverty while being constantly undermined by a broken system and her own choices, it is honestly a travesty that Rossum hasn’t gotten more awards notice for her work on Shameless. However, Rossum is looking for more recognition in a different area, demanding a higher pay grade than her male costar William H. Macy for the show’s next season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rossum is looking to renegotiate her contract to make more per episode than Macy should the show get an eighth season, and if a deal isn’t reached, the network can either cancel the show or write out Fiona. Fiona has long been the beating heart of the show (alongside Jeremy Allen White’s Lip) and objectively the lead, it is more than fair for her to demand a raise. Macy’s paycheck is rumored to be one of the highest on cable television, while Rossum has been putting in the work for much less for years. Here’s hoping Showtime makes the right decision and pays Rossum what she has so clearly earned. While Macy had the more extensive resume going into the show, Rossum has truly made the role her own.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)