These Underrated TV Performances Deserve Emmys Love This Year

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It’s that time of year again, when we get mad that our favorite television show was snubbed, but seriously, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family again? The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards nominees will be announced tomorrow morning by Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham. Expect to hear HBO’s Game of Thrones, which won Outstanding Drama Series last year, in practically every non-comedy category. Rightly so! It was a wonderful season, but predicting Lena Headey will receive an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nomination is as obviously pointless as it is pointlessly obvious. Same with Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep.

Let’s shake things up. Two Uproxx writers, Brian Grubb and Josh Kurp, picked the 10 men and women (and one Mail Robot) they hope to see acknowledged by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences tomorrow, and again in September. No one listed below was nominated last year, and they’re not presumed frontrunners this year (hence, no Rami Malek, who’s going to get some Emmy love for his superb work on Mr. Robot), but they deserve to be.

We begin with Brian’s picks.

Aya Cash (You’re the Worst), Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

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This Emmy probably already has “Julia Louis-Dreyfus” engraved on it, which is fine and deserved and maybe she needs one more to stage an all-Emmy reenactment of Game of Thrones in her garage, but let’s not forget the work Aya Cash did on You’re the Worst this season. It’s hard to make clinical depression funny. Sometimes they didn’t even try. Her performance stretched across the entire spectrum from goofy to sad to, uh, really sad. It’s almost unfair to even include it in the comedy category, because it was so much more than hitting a mark and delivering a joke. We might need a third category one day to appropriately honor performances like this. Comedy, Drama, and Kinda Funny, But Also Serious or Kinda Serious, But Also Funny.

We can work on the name.

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