Andy Samberg Used His Digital Short Skills To Start The 2015 Emmys Off With A Bang

You just had to know that SNL alum, Andy Samberg, would go to his bread-and-butter platform to start off the 2015 Emmys: the digital short. With help from Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillion, Will Forte, and other nominees, Samberg referenced just about every single TV show that aired over the past year, including all the shows with “Wives” in the title.

The short began with Samberg feeling left out of the conversation pertaining to the massive amount of quality TV shows that he had yet to catch up on. With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon now in the awards race, it’s a feeling many can empathize with. Jumping into a Lost-like hatch in the ground, Samberg goes on a binge watch of epic proportions, and when he emerges, he’s sporting a newfound knowledge of television in addition to a particularly a rank odor. Unfortunately, all that time watching small screen gems resulted in Samberg missing out on his son’s (Billy Eichner) formative years. Oh, well. It’s a small price to pay for catching up on Game of Thrones.

Extra points go to Samberg for spoofing Les Misérables, Will Forte’s beard, Billy Crystal’s penchant for packing in multitudes of references, while including the disembodied head of Robert Durst cresting over a hill. Funny has never been so creepy.