It’s Cookie At Bat In This Intense 90s-Kissed Super Bowl Ad For The Return Of ‘Empire’

Cookie Lyon, a baseball bat and a ’90s club classic all co-star in Empire‘s compelling Super Bowl ad showcase. There’s a chance you might have to lean on the rewind function of your DVR as a result, tomorrow.

Fox has unveiled their 30-second Empire commercial early and seeing as parties rarely flip over to the Weather Channel during Super Bowl ad breaks, what’s the harm in getting extra juice out of the early peek? Soundtracked by the Butabi-friendly Eurodance anthem “What Is Love?” from Haddaway, Taraji P. Henson’s Golden Globe earning alter-ego stalks halls with a baseball bat that has determined mementos to be the appropriate strike zone.

“You built this company on my back, And you want to erase me?’ asks Cookie as Terrence Howard’s Lucious clearly on the defensive.

A network promoting their slate of shows during the National Football League’s biggest yard exchange has become as integral to the game as crushing interceptions, celebrity performers and food deliveries that seem to only show up on 4th and Inches. 24: Legacy will get Fox’s coveted lead-out slot on Sunday with Variety reporting that APB, The Mick and Lethal Weapon are set to appear in the Super Bowl commercial rotation.

Season 3 of Empire will make its return on March 22.