England Just Gave David Hasselhoff His Own ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’-Style Show

06.26.14 8 Comments

One of the great questions of our time, one that has puzzled scientists and historians alike, has been “Which sovereign nation will be the first to give David Hasselhoff a show about a semi-fictionalized version of himself?” (Germany.) It was only a matter of time before it happened (in Germany), especially since Hasselhoff has more or less been playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself 24/7 for the past decade (often in Germany). And now, finally, in a move announced earlier today, we have our answer: The country that gave David Hasselhoff a show about a semi-fictionalized version of himself is… GERMA-

Wait, what? England? Really?

Hoff the Record will be a six-part series that centres on the life of “the Hoff” – a fictionalised version of the actor, set 30 years after he made his name with popular teatime drama Knight Rider. [RadioTimes]

“Popular teatime drama Knight Rider.” Incredible.

Following five divorces – the real Hasselhoff has been through a mere two – and some misguided career decisions, the series sees Hoff moving to the UK to try to get his career back on track. The identity of his co-stars are expected to be revealed soon.

Below, please find a video representation of what a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style show starring David Hasselhoff might look like. I spent about 90 seconds making it. You are very welcome.

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