Enjoy An Excellent ‘Best Of Rafi’ Compilation (And The Morning Links)

06.13.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Picture 2

Why? Because someone made it, and I miss Rafi, that’s why.

Dave Grohl Drops The Hammer On Singing Competition Reality TV Shows Like American Idol — (UPROXX)

The 12 Most Intriguing 2013 Emmy Ballot Decisions — (WG)

Craig Robinson’s This is the End premiere date assembled her own stripper pole — (Film Drunk)

Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Miami Heat Fans — (With Leather)

The Terminator: Five Reasons Why Paramount Shouldn’t Bring It Back — (Gamma Squad)

J-Kwon Reappears, Disses Pusha T & Odd Future In New Song, “Pushing The Odds” — (Smoking Section)

The Sex Cannon Lives — (KSK)

The 15 Most Delightfully Enjoyable Instances of an Actor Playing Him or Herself in a Movie — (Pajiba)

12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms — (Mental Floss)

Friends Who Have Similar Last Names Share Best Picture in Yearbook — (College Humor)

YouTube HOF: Apocalypse Then — (Grantland)

The Worst Movie Dads Ever — (Clip Nation)

5 Beloved Celebrities Who Were Nothing Like You Think — (Cracked)

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