Enjoy These Behind The Scenes Outtakes Of Ripped Chris Pratt’s ‘Men’s Fitness’ Cover

06.30.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Men's Fitness

Chris Pratt covers Men’s Fitness this month, because his transformation from schlubby everyman Andy Dwyer to, uh, this, is never not fascinating to everyone. I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Chris Pratt — it was probably about five or six years ago and photos of he and Anna Faris on a beach were posted on some sh*tty gossip website that was making fun of the fact that she was Anna Faris and he was a guy with a less than stellar physical aesthetic — and I remember thinking at the time something along the lines of, oh, well maybe he has a nice personality. Well as it turns out, not only did Chris Pratt indeed have a wonderful personality, as we all know by now, but now he’s also totally ripped and fitness magazines ask him to pose for them. So in your face, random anonymous gossip blogger. I hope your Mountain Dew tastes extra sour, today.

Anyway, here are the behind the scenes outtakes from Chris Pratt’s Men’s Fitness cover shoot because Chris Pratt is a delight and don’t you ever forget it.

pratt-1   pratt-2


(Men’s Fitness via Buzzfeed)

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