‘Entourage’… But with Women!

05.13.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

“Entourage” has run for six seasons and counting on HBO, with no end in sight. “Sex and the City” ran for six seasons on HBO and continues to chug along in movie form thanks to aging single women with dispensable income. So it only makes sense that there should be a mutant love-child of the two:

Executive producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson of Leverage are near a deal with [HBO] for a show about a group of female friends working and finding romance in Los Angeles…

Though it would be easy to assume the show is a female version of “Entourage,” sources say the script is still evolving and will not be as Hollywood-centric as the long-running hit comedy [sic], nor even as much as its own original conception. (The initial working title was actually “Starf*ckers,” a moniker that’s since been ruled out.) [The Live Feed]

You know what? I’m glad that this is being made. I’ve spent so much time and effort ridiculing dudes who like “Entourage,” but I never got the chance to make fun of the women who liked “Sex and the City.” And that show blew goats. So I can only hope that “Femtourage” follows the successful model created by its predecessors: a solid first season followed by years of lazy writing and two-dimensional characters.

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