The ‘Entourage’ Movie Is A Go. Here’s A GIF Of A Kid Rooting Around In His Nose With A Toy Drill.

10.29.13 6 Comments

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The Entourage movie is officially a go. Definitely. I mean, probably. Kevins Connolly and Dillon still have to finalize their deals, but once that happens the movie is all set to go. Unless it’s not. Which it might not be, for all anyone apparently knows. But that’s not the story here. Yet. The story is that, as of this moment, barring any unforeseen issues like a last-minute compensation squabble or the Earth splitting open like a hot dog and giant, ten-eyed hellbeasts rising from the core and devouring every man, woman, and child in California, the Entourage movie will begin filming in the next few months.

Anyway, literally every single person on the Internet has already thrown in their two cents on this issue many times over, to the point that it probably covered the film’s entire reported $30 million budget, so instead of subjecting you to any more of that, I am just going to post a GIF of a little boy rooting around in his nose with a toy drill. Pulitzer, please.


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