The ‘Entourage’ Movie Might Not Be Happening Because The Bros Are Greedy

The final episode of HBO’s hit series Entourage aired on September 11, 2011, but you’d think it was just a few months ago the way that people still talk about a follow-up movie. The show’s bro fans are still holding out hope as much as the stars and crew are, but for some reason or another, it just seems like a movie is never going to get done, because you’d think a concept that simple would have already hit theaters and made its $100 million or so by now.

According to Entourage’s head honcho and executive producer, Mark Wahlberg, though, there’s a very good and obvious reason for the delay – the people involved want a ton of money. Wahlberg didn’t specify or name names, but he told a TMZ camera person that someone is being greedy, before adding that it’s basically an issue of the guys not understanding that if the film makes money, then they’ll make money.

Serious question, though – what the hell else are these guys doing with their time that they can’t make this movie?