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A subtle metaphor from the modern classic Fool’s Gold

There are only two things in this world that I hate more than looking at Chloe Sevigny: racism and “Entourage.”   But even the most overrated show on television gets a free pass when it brings on a delightful little starlet like Alexis Dziena.

[T]he 24-year-old actress is joining the cast of Entourage as a rather unusual love interest for Kevin Connolly’s Eric…

Dziena will play the recurring role of Ashley, a beautiful, funny, smart, grounded, self-assured, non-Hollywood-type who, to everyone’s great surprise, develops an interest in Eric.

Blah blah words about douchebags blah.  God, just reading about characters on “Entourage” makes me angry.  And why do I even like Dziena?  She hasn’t done anything all that impressive, just the mediocre “Invasion” and crap like Fool’s Gold .  Do I have a soft spot for her just because of her out-of-nowhere fully nude scene in Broken Flowers (very NSFW)?  No, not at all.  More of a hard spot, really.

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