03.02.09 10 years ago 9 Comments

Get off my lawn!  Damn starlets.

Former “Gilmore Girls” star Alexis Bledel, also known as one-fourth of a Sisterhood devoted to magical trousers, will join the cast of “ER” just in time for the show to go off the air.  Because series finales are the perfect time to introduce new characters!

She’ll play a new intern at County General named Dr. Julia Wise. We’re not sure why a “new” intern would be introduced on the last episode of the show, but before any imaginations start running wild, here’s a reminder that executive producer John Wells has repeatedly shot down rumors of a spinoff.

Gosh, medical dramas really nail what hospitals are like.  The doctors are always white and attractive, except for one guy who’s black.  And the interns are always sexy, skinny white girls who can easily pass for teenagers — definitely not Indian or Asian immigrants who struggle with English.  I mean, who’s ever heard of an Indian doctor?

How about an “ER” where someone comes in and sits in the waiting room the entire show?  For extra authenticity they could make it a special two-hour episode.

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