Eva Green Candidly Discusses Her Awesome Boobs On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And E!

Eva Green is the titular dame to kill for in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and a poster featuring her character was banned by the MPAA then replaced by this slightly altered version. ABC also refused to air one of the ads for being too suggestive of nudity (Pfff, they should have seen the red band trailer).

Yesterday, Green was interviewed by both E! and Jimmy Kimmel Live about the shouldn’t-be-a-controversy. The E! interview doesn’t embed, but what she said is fan-f*cking-tastic:

“I mean, the poster, you don’t see anything! Just wait for the movie then. It’s in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know.

[…] “I’m holding a gun on the poster. No big deal about the gun, it’s all about my t*ts? And you don’t see anything, really, you just guess the shape of them.”

That should be in all the promotional materials for Sin City 2: ” It’s in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know” — Eva Green.

Here’s the banned poster again, just to reiterate how relatively tame it is.

And here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Green last night:

This was my favorite part:

Eva Green: “I don’t understand all the fuss.”

Jimmy Kimmel: “The gun is fine. No problem with the gun, but these [points at picture of Eva Green’s awesome boobs] are unacceptable.”

Eva Green: “That’s the thing. Boobs have never killed anyone. I mean, you could suffocate somebody…”

Yeah, you could.

Er, sorry. I almost turned straight for a second there. Eva Green has that effect on people.

She went on to explain why she had to be naked throughout Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, as demonstrated by this red band trailer. (It was important to the character, damn it.) She also talks about her family not being enthusiastic about all the nudity. Well la dee da, your majesties.