Evan Rachel Wood Is Playing With Fire By Asking Siri To Talk About ‘Westworld’

Opinions are pretty split over the first season of Westworld — shocking, right? — but most folks can agree that giving life to robotic people is a bad idea. It doesn’t end well in the original film, doesn’t end well when Stanley Kubrick dies and Steven Spielberg takes over, and it certainly doesn’t end well in real life. We’ll never win another game of Jeopardy again!

Anyway, Evan Rachel Wood was defintely the focal point of the series up until the very end and it’s fitting that she’d have some fun with a real world “intelligent” machine in relation to her Westworld role. Siri might not be an A.I. yet, but she’s definitely been programmed to react accordingly to questions about the HBO series. That’s what Evan Rachel Wood found out and shared on Twitter:

According to Vulture, a few key references to Westworld were programmed into Apple’s famous assistant and if you drop a question about the series, you’ll be treated to the responses you see above. Ben Barnes is also sharing his tests with Siri, luckily in a far less sinister way than his Westworld counterpart.

To be honest, this is far better than the Siri tie-in with The Leftovers. Ask Siri about it and all you keep getting in return is a photo of a bottle of bleach. Not exactly an Easter egg.

(Via Vulture)