Not Even Britta Can Britta This Preview Of ‘Community’s’ G.I. Joe Episode

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03.27.14 27 Comments

britta community gi joe

There’s no new Community on tonight, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your Greendale fix. Might I suggest the Paley Center, where the cast (minus Alison Brie) and crew (Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna) answered questions from moderator Mike Schneider and fans last night? Highlights include:

  • “The bar at the Formosa Cafe was where Harmon & McKenna finally met & talked face to face about getting back together on #community.”
  • Chris wrote an Entourage bit that Dan loved. Dan said, “Wait – we can EAT low hanging fruit?!”
  • “Harmon says he still hasn’t thanked Joel McHale. Joel says he gave him a great bottle of scotch & they used to plot abt stuff to do to Chevy.”
  • “Harmon: I’ll pray that Donald will want to come back if we get a sixth season.”
  • “Will Jim Rash have a rap career? McHale says he’s talking to Suge Knight right now.”
  • “Harmon: We had Ray Liotta in mind for Buzz…That’s when nervous ex-cop idea came from.”

Also, this happened:

britta selfie

As did a preview of the show’s upcoming G.I. Joe-themed episode.

Cheesy 1980s PSAs were the original Britta.

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