‘Even Stephven’ Returns

07.08.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Back in the “Jon Stewart looks like an MTV personality” era of The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell’s “Even Stephven” was arguably the show’s most popular recurring feature. Last night on The Colbert Report, the two reprised their roles as themselves to give us the first “Even Stephven” in years. (The full episode can be seen here.) And it was funny — I can’t honestly say that I laughed out loud at it or anything, but that’s the thing about Colbert’s and Stewart’s shows. They give you a half-hour of programming four times a week, and either because you take it for granted or because you realize how much comedy they have to scratch together, you’re okay with it not being laugh-out-loud funny all the time.

It was fun to see them reprise the bit, but what I’m really interested in is a resurrection of Jon Stewart’s “News 4 Kids.” The letters from Smapdi remain the funniest things that television has ever produced.

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