Even The Cake At The 'Breaking Bad' Premiere Party Was Fantastic

Look, Breaking Bad, we get it: you’re the best. But can’t you f*ck up just once, to prove you’re not perfect? Obviously, as a show, you’re amazing, one of the best of all-time. Bryan Cranston is a national treasure, Aaron Paul takes calls from fans in phone booths, Anna Gunn has a good sense of humor about the whole “WE HATE SKYLER” phenomenon (and she looks like this), Bob Odenkirk is a comedy genius…the list goes on and on.

Hell, even your premiere parties are a delight. The RV. The champagne. The turtle cake with Vince Gilligan’s head. All we’re saying is, be less good, Breaking Bad. ‘Cause it’s gonna hurt like a motherf*cker when you’re gone.