Even Heisenberg Couldn’t Save The People’s Choice Awards Painfully Unfunny Opening Skit

I don’t know who these PEOPLE are, but I would not choose to watch TV with them. Last night at the People’s Choice Awards, “the first awards show of the year,” The Big Bang Theory won Favorite Network TV Comedy, Chris Colfer and Kaley Cuoco were deemed Favorite Comedic TV Actor and Actress, and…well, you get the point — the People’s Choice Awards ain’t for us. It’s for teenage girls who think Beth Behrs is the FUNNIEST PERSON EVER OMG, which made it all the more confusing when not only did Breaking Bad win Favorite Series We Miss the Most, but Walter White also “appeared” in the painfully unfunny opening skit with the 2 Broke Girls.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when some lackey pitched Vince Gilligan his idea. “…OK, so after Christina Aguilera makes a big boob joke, the 2 Broke Babes will make dumb chit-chat with Kaley Cuoco, and then they’re gonna need a ride to the People’s Choice Awards and that’s where Heisenberg comes in, and oh yeah, there’s going to be a laugh track the entire time, so you KNOW it’s gonna be funny *snorts cocaine off a cardboard cutout of Kat Dennings* So, you cool, Vincey?” Make that conversation the award show, and I’d watch.