Every Netflix Instant TV Show Ranked By Its IMDb Rating

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09.10.13 44 Comments

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Despite his name being a possible Dawson’s Creek reference, Suggest a Show‘s “Pacey7” has done the world a great service: he ranked every TV show on Netflix Instant by its IMDb rating. That’s 337 series, from the Breaking Bad bottom to the How to Be a Gentleman top. (That order may be incorrect.) He’s also raised the world’s blood pressure by 928% because BOB’S BURGERS HAS A LOWER RATING THAN MONK??? WHY IS KING OF THE HILL IN THE MID-200S???? WHY ISN’T LOST HIGHER THAN #42?????

F*ck you, Pacey7, for exposing the world’s perplexing love of The Vampire Diaries. Here’s the IMDb top-20.

1. Breaking Bad

2. Sherlock

3. Arrested Development

4. Firefly

5. Twin Peaks

6. Freaks and Geeks

7. The Twilight Zone

8. House of Cards

9. Fawlty Towers

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11. The Office

12. The Walking Dead

13. Archer

14. The X-Files

15. Battlestar Galactica


Check out the full list here.

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