A Guide To Every Time Walter White Has Broken Bad

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09.25.13 51 Comments
ww gun breaking bad

This may come as a surprise, but Walter White isn’t a very nice man. In fact, one might even say over the course of five seasons and countless cooks and threats, he’s…broken not-good. Which might explain the show’s title.

Vince Gilligan has said that he had thought it was a commonly used phrase when he decided to use it as a title, not knowing that the expression was a Southern regionalism from the area in Virginia from which he hails. It means “to raise hell,” he says, as in “I was out the other night at the bar…and I really broke bad.”

That older use of “break bad,” meaning “to go bad,” requires little knowledge of regional slang, and it makes enough sense that anyone might come up with or at least understand it. (Via)

We’re going with the “bad sh*t happens” definition. Anyway, with only four days left until we check in with the Whites one final time, let’s revisit all of Walter White’s Breaking Bad breaking bad moments, beginning all the way back in pilot, some much more heinous than others. I hope he repaid Ted for that plant he dinged up.

When he wrecks Bogdan Wolynetz’s car wash display (and grabs his junk).

car wash cock thrust

When he teams up with Jesse Pinkman.

cook meth pilot

When he steals lab equipment from his school.

stealing equipment

When he takes out the legs of a bully taunting Walt, Jr.

clothing store bully

When he cooks every batch of meth (including every single instance here).

cooking meth

When he traps and gases Emilio Koyama and Krazy 8 in the RV.

teaming up cook

When he chases after and drags a wheezing Krazy-8 into his car.

wheezing krazy

When he smokes weed (/this entry submitted by the DEA)

walt white smokes weed

When he comes up with a plan with Jesse that turns Emilio’s body into stew.

body emilio

When he kills Krazy-8.

krazy 8 dead

When he hides his drug money in his unborn baby’s nursery.

nursery drug money

When he explodes a rich asshole’s car (deservedly so, but still).

rich dude car

When he turns down Elliott and Gretchen’s job offer, with health insurance (debatable)

gretchen phone

When he gets friendly janitor Hugo Archilleya fired.

Hugo Archilleya fired

When he wears this robe.

walter white robe

When he drops the crystalline nugget in Tuco’s hideout.

tuco cash

When he steals more supplies from a warehouse.


When he gets into business with Tuco.

tuco hookup

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