Everyone Apparently Decided Chris Pratt Is The New Jennifer Lawrence

Chris Pratt has entered the exclusive group of Celebrities Who Seem Like They’d Be Fun to Hang Out With. Tom Cruise and BeyoncĂ© are two of the most famous people in the world, but can you imagine stuffing your face at an all-night White Castle with them? Probably not, but you can with Jennifer Lawrence, who at this point would probably be on the Internet Mount Rushmore. Rightly or wrongly, J-Law is the star to which all other normal-seeming celebrities are compared against, which is probably why this observation, as pointed out by @pilotbacon, has taken off the last couple of days.

Pratt’s “Forgot About Dre” rapping is what really set things off, though his uncanny ability to be A DUDE who just so happens to be a millionaire helped, too. So let’s figure this out: is Twitter onto something? Is Chris Pratt the new Jennifer Lawrence?

This is Chris Pratt.

This is Jennifer Lawrence.

They are two different two people, so no, Chris Pratt is not the new Jennifer Lawrence. (Beside, Pratt’s been working since 2002, compared to J-Law’s 2006 debut, so technically, Jennifer Lawrence is the new Chris Pratt. Except not that, either.)