Everyone Watched ‘The Walking Dead’; Almost Everyone Watched ‘Game Of Thrones’

04.01.13 23 Comments

The ratings are in from last night, and to pretty much no one’s surprise, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones did huge numbers. How huge? Both series hit all-time ratings highs despite competing against each other at 9 p.m. That huge.

Let’s talk about The Walking Dead first: The third season finale pulled in 12.4 million viewers, and 8.1 million in the always coveted 18-49 demo. Allow me to put that in perspective: THAT IS SO MANY PEOPLE. So, so many people. Like, take everyone you know and multiply it by a lot, and that is still not as many people as there were watching The Walking Dead last night. Twelve point four million. Think about it this way: if you rounded up everyone who watched The Walking Dead last night and drew a border around them, Walkingdeadifornia would immediately become the seventh-largest state in America. Maybe even higher, if enough viewers were from Pennsylvania and Illinois that it bumped them down the list. So many people.

And even with all those people watching another channel, and the fact that it’s on premium cable, and the fact that it’s the most pirated show on television, and the fact that tons of people use their parents’ account information to watch the show on HBO Go, Game of Thrones still outdid last year’s premiere by half a million viewers, reeling in 4.4 million viewers for the initial showing, and 6.7 million over all three throughout the night. Let me put that in perspective for you, too: THAT IS STILL SO MANY PEOPLE. It’s more people than there are in Oregon! And there will probably be so many more once the DVR, On Demand, and online numbers come in, since I’m sure a bunch of viewers got siphoned off by the zombie killing on AMC. So, yeah. Still so many people.

There is your official ratings analysis. Have a lovely afternoon.

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