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Everyone with half a brain realized that the Dodge Charger “Man’s Last Stand” ad that aired during the Super Bowl (video above) was an insulting appeal to men who are unhappy with their lives and feel emasculated by their wives. I watched it for the first time in a room that had a 2-to-1 male-to-female ratio, and the men were the loudest opponents of it. (Probably because the women had been properly trained to not speak until spoken to.)

No, but seriously: people with brains hated it. Nevertheless, a coalition of unattractive women has banded together to film an equally unfunny, equally biased, equally unfair response to the Charger ad (watch below).

You know, I don’t like to be serious too often around here, especially when it comes to gender politics, but the best response to stereotypical misogyny isn’t stereotypical feminism — especially when it uses the wrong numbers for the gender wage gap. A better response would have been a man and a woman acknowledging that they make sacrifices for each other based on love, mutual respect, and what’s best for their family.

In short, the jerks in the first commercial deserve the bitches in the second.

(bottom video via Funny not Slutty)

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