Everyone’s Favorite ‘Community’ Character Is Returning For The Next Paintball Episode

Community has been a very good show for a very long time, and at least two of its episodes, “Paradigms of Human Memory” and “Remedial Chaos Theory,” belong in the Sitcom Hall of Fame, alongside that episode of Home Improvement where Tim strangles Wilson. But my single favorite moment may have come at the end of a good, but messy episode, “App Development and Condiments.” That’s the one with the MeowMeowBeenz and, more importantly, Koogler.

What’s that ol’ horndog up to?

[Mitchell] Hurwitz guest-stars in the May 19 episode, titled “Modern Espionage,” which revives the paintball tradition. This time, though, the game is going down secretively, and Greendale’s favorite middle-aged student has a key role in it. “Koogler is the guy to get to,” Pudi tells EW. “He helps connect people to the underground game.” (Via)

Every other movie from the 1980s is being remade. Why not Koogler? He’s available. His only demands are a truck loaded with beer, seven golf carts, and a closet full of bathrobes. Oh, and a salary of $70 million, though he’s willing to knock it down to $69 million. Klassic Koogler.

Via: EW