Everything We Learned From the ‘Archer’ Panel At New York Comic-Con 2014

The entire cast of Archer turned out to debut the first episode of Season 6 at New York Comic-Con, an episode the voice of ArcherH. Jon Benjamin, jokingly called “an animated apology to Japan” during the after-episode panel. Creator Adam Reed and the show’s producers were also on hand, ready to dish on what fans can expect in the upcoming season. Here are some of the things we learned from attending:

1. The season will focus on Archer and Lana raising their daughter Abijean.

Yes, Archer will struggle to be a good father, but when he gets teary-eyed after reuniting a Japanese man with his long lost family in the episode, one might expect that he’s softening to the idea of becoming a good parent to his newborn daughter. Just don’t expect the jokes to tone down or anything. In fact the baby is, in a way, a device for Archer and Lana to be inappropriate around.

2. Barry will return.

It was confirmed during the panel that Barry Dylan would be returning to the show, which would make it safe to assume that so would Katya Kazanova, Archer’s former love interest and current KGB cyborg, although the latter was not 100% confirmed.

3. Conway Stern will also return.

The double agent who lost his hand in very early episodes will return to the show.

4. Pam will go back to her old self.

Pam has returned to her old ways after spending a season eating cocaine. And scenes with Krieger hanging around in Pam’s hot tub might hint that a relationship could be developing.

5. Ron Cadillac will return.

After being shot in season 5 and crushed emotionally, Malory’s husband Ron Cadillac will return to continue their open relationship.

6. They’re going back to the old office.

After operating in Cheryl’s mansion last season, they are returning to their original offices, albeit without their original name.

7. Cheryl probably won’t continue her country career.

During the panel it was mentioned that we probably wouldn’t hear the phrase “outlaw country” during the upcoming season, which means it’s bye-bye to Cherlene. Never forget.

8. Slater will continue to appear on the show.

Christian Slater made an appearance at the panel and some hints were dropped throughout that he would be returning this season in some manner.

9. Ray Gillette isn’t in a wheelchair.

This is the first season premiere since he was introduced that Ray Gillette isn’t in a wheelchair.

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