Everything You Need To Know About The ’30 Rock’ Finale

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01.31.13 21 Comments

Bruce Springsteen once sang, “Well now, everything dies, baby, that’s a fact/But maybe everything that dies someday comes back,” a line that doesn’t apply to 30 Rock because after today, 30 Rock is no more and will never rise from the ashes, and I’m sorry for quoting that song and now I’m sad. The Liz Lemon tributes are plentiful on the Internet this week — don’t forget our GIF set and 20 things we’ll miss the most — but one of the better articles I’ve read comes from CNN, which interviewed the cast and crew about working with Tracy Morgan, their favorite moments, how the show changed comedy, and the props they stole once the finale wrapped. As such:

Scott Adsit: Pete has a mug on his desk, and he sometimes holds it, which is apparently made by one of his kids and he feels really obligated to use it…It’s big, yellow and bulky and ugly and has cracks in it. We never see this, but in my mind he’s always cleaning up from all the leaks in it. I plan to take that home. (Via)

I guess this means no more Hornberger Hangs. More 30 Rock finale information below.

That comes from writer Jack Burditt, so remember to tape into The Office at 9 (it’s a two-episode finale, with “Hogcock,” which is an amazing title, on at 8 p.m., and the Tina Fey- and Tracey Wigfield-scripted “Last Lunch” at 8:30). Watching The Office, however, is not mandatory. Buying 30 Rock ice cream is.

Ben & Jerry’s has [revealed] that the company’s next ice cream flavor will in fact be in honor of 30 Rock…The details of the flavor will be released by co-founder Jerry Greenfield at a New York City finale party steps away from Rockefeller Center [tonight]. The flavor will be available at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops starting in February on on grocery shelves shortly after. (Via)

NIGHT CHEESECAKE. Here’s something equally great: a note from Dr. Spaceman from the show’s Facebook.

And now a man who’s making a lot of sense on Twitter

Interesting theory. As for what tonight’s episodes are about:

As Jack takes stock of his life, Liz struggles with her new role as a stay-at-home mother; Kenneth settles into his new job; the cast and crew come together for one last episode of TGS. (Via)

There’s a bunch of other tributes and what-have-yous out there, but I think this GIF says it best.

(Via CNN)

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