Eyes Up Here, Mister: Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain Get Cooking Competition

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06.07.12 16 Comments

I don’t typically get excited about the prospect of yet another cooking competition. I limit my viewership to “Top Chef,” and if there’s a lack of other television options, one of the “Top Chef’ spin-offs. But this is different: This is like Batman and Iron Man joining forces, if Batman were a woman with an cleavage-baring batsuit and Iron Man was a profane alcoholic who used his jet pack to experience worldwide cuisine.

Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain are getting their own cooking competition, and it’s not a lousy cable-channel program, either. This one is prime-time and on ABC. Details about the project are scant, but it will involve skilled cooks — professional and amateur — competing against one another. I’m not sure exactly what Bourdain — who recently left his Travel Channel home to join CNN — and Lawson will be doing on the show, but my guess is that the chefs will be forced to come up with the best dish while watching Bourdain eat tree grubs off a Nigella’s rack. Of lamb.

No start date has been announced.

Here’s a slideshow of Nigella’s near spills because it’s Thursday, and I’m feeling generous. You’re welcome.

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