The Newest Real ‘F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy’ Prank Comes From, Of Course, Florida

There have been plenty of hoax videos portraying a guy saying “F*ck her right in the p*ssy” during a live news broadcast, but then someone recently went for it during World Cup coverage. Now we have a second real example spotted in the wild.

When TheRacialDraft tipped us to a possible construction LED sign hacked to display the phrase, we had to hunt down a source to verify if it’s real. And it is. Oh, internet. You never/always disappoint. The news report comes from Florida (of course). Reports ABC Action News:

Sarah Carpenter saw that message as she drove home from the drive-in movie theater in Ruskin. Her 11-year-old brother and 6-year-old son were in the car with her.

“We are driving and I look over and I have to do a double take,” Carpenter said. “I am like what does that say?” The sight distracted her as she tried to merge into an open lane.

Her brother sat in the passenger seat of her car. “He’s like, ‘Did that sign say what I think it says?’ And I have my 6-year-old in the back seat trying to sound it out,” she said. She quickly distracted her son.

The company in charge of the sign (Acme Barricades) has removed the sign’s keyboard — which had been left unlocked — and changed the passwords.

Carpenter says she’ll be avoiding that sign for awhile in case pranksters display something her son can already read. To which we say, it’s Florida. Don’t worry about a six year old reading something. You won’t have to be concerned over that for at least eight more years.

There’s a video of the full report as well, if you’d like to see the cute mom who reported the sign. Action News Team, ASSEMBLE! Form of: perpetually-offended, fake-voiced attractive people.