F U, NBC Cont’d

05.21.10 5 Comments

NBC: What are you, some kinda funny, talented comedian? Well, we don't kindly to your kind 'round here. *pumps shotgun*

NBC’s war against comedy has been well documented.  There was the Conan-Leno debacle, the painful “Marriage Ref,” the pickup of Paul Reiser‘s watered-down-but-with-urine-instead-of-water ripoff of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and the decision to bump the ever improving “Parks & Recreation” to mid-season. But hey, it’s not like they had any other choices, right?  I mean, if these were the shows they picked up, the other options must have been completely devoid of quality content created by proven, funny comedic minds, right?  *looks at list of pilots NBC didn’t pick up, blood pressure rises to 400/300*

These are some of the things NBC passed on: “The Strip” (by “Reno 911” co-creators and “The State” alums, Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant), a pilot starring hilarious podcast king Adam Carolla, and “Beach Lane” (starring Matthew Broderick).  I know I know, a show starring Matthew Broderick sounds like crap.  Here’s the important thing – the show originally cast Patton Oswalt to co-star, and then replaced him after the table read three days later.

So, to recap the last few months at NBC:

In: Jay Leno, Tom Papa, Paul Reiser

Out/Delayed: Conan, alums of “The State,” Adam Carolla, Patton Oswalt, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari

I reached out to NBC head Jeff Zucker for a comment about this recent trend, but his secretary said he will be out of the office all day.  He has a meeting with Jeff Dunham about replacing Joel McHale on “Community,” then the two of them are going to piss on George Carlin’s grave.

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