Fake ‘Chicago Fire’ Plane Crash Fools Local News

Senior Pop Culture Editor
12.03.12 6 Comments

There are many things to discuss in regards to the clip below, which shows Chicago-based news anchors, Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten, reporting on a staged plane crash for NBC’s Chicago Fire that they think is real — like how local news is pointless and how it would have taken literally 15 seconds of research before going live to verify if the accident was real or not and the snotty “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” reaction by Robin — but I want to focus on one aspect: do all news shows have a sad trombone sound effect handy?

I watched two separate clips of the broadcast, and neither appear to be doctored and both feature a sad trombone. If this is standard practice, why aren’t more local news teams using sound effects? I would sit through five minutes of an exposé about Local Resident Tina Stanwich’s Giant Green Tomatoes if instead of saying, “Back to you…,” every anchor signs off with, “Back to *FART NOISE* *TOILET FLUSH*.” Instant ratings bump.


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